Your denial is more powerful than I thought. It’s preventing you from seeing truth. 
Okay, one of us is losing it here, and it’s not me.

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jennifer morrison during fashion week in new york (2014) 

jennifer morrison, photographed by don flood for nypost

I’ve been engaged, but I don’t want to settle for what’s not quite right for my life. I think because I was raised around a lot of ‘forever’ kind of love, I’m very aware of when it isn’t a ‘forever’ kind of love. So I’m okay with walking away from it when it isn’t quite right.
My parents have been married nearly 40 years and they truly love each other, I’ve seen it work. I know it’s tough, and I know it’s rare. But my fundamental values in life and my ideas about love and relationships are always going to be rooted in what I was raised in.

 Jennifer Morrison (via aurore59)

Jennifer Morrison in ALEXA’s September Issue


“I saw two guys start to have a bit of an altercation,” she says. So she did what felt natural: She threw herself between them to stop the fight. “Well,” she admits, “that was my logic at the moment. I might have had a couple drinks.”